Selma Sjöstedt, artist


Lilith: My total pleasure (Min totala njutning)

In the Lilith production of "My total pleasure" Selma participated in the building of the set, working with odd construction materials such as dough made from discarded rye flour and water.
Performance set building / Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö /

Television art critic Dennis Dahlqvist beside one of Selma´s paintings.

In the city grows a field

Selma participates with three paintings in Malmö Konsthall's exhibition of local artists. Selma's contribution "Rally behind my eyes" gets a special mention in the coverage from Swedish public service television.
Group exhibition / Malmö Konsthall / 2022

Elle Kari Bergenrud plays the young artist.

Gas light - the paintings

In "Gas light" (Gasljus), the 2022 production at Malmö Stadsteater the drama is acted out in the apartment of a striving young female painter. A number of Selma Sjöstedt's paintings are displayed as part of the set dressing. Read Selma's catalogue statement about her art and participation in the play.
Stage Dressing / Malmö Stadsteater / 2021

Sanne Ahlqvist Boltes and Frida Stavnes

Behind the Yellow Hedge

A play on tour in Malmö primary schools. The plot is about shyness and coming to terms with your identity.
The stage design was created and built by Selma Sjöstedt.
Stage design / Banditsagor, Malmlö / 2019

Epistel maj 2020

Poetry illustrations
Illustration / Malmö / July 2020

At Signal Gallery at Monbijougatan 17

A Malmö Trilogy: Armaturer

One single scene is told from a number of different perspectives. We recognise this approach from the world of cinema, theatre, literature, but what if we were to present an exhibition this way?
Selma Sjöstedt, Angelica Falkeling, Sara Lindeborg
Reviewed by Thomas Millroth
Exhibition / Malmö / 14 March–14 June 2020

Outside of the Gallery

Mörkveden, Malmö Konsthall

Malmö Konsthall presents five young artists, based in Malmö, who are united by their relationship with nature and landscape painting. Fragments taken from the real world are used as tools to explore an alternative, fictional or inner world. Starring: Danilo Stankovic, Emma Berring, Jennifer Myerscough, Julia Selin & Selma Sjöstedt. Curator: Benjamin Andersson
Exhibition / Malmö Konsthall / 2–26 April 2020

Svensk serie i 13 avsnitt

Song poetry illustrations used as light projections and made for a concert in Stockholm at jazz venue Fasching in January 10th 2020. The pictures are made for the song "Swedish series in 13 episodes" performed by the band Togges.
Stage projections / Stockholm / 2020

Willow (oil on canvas, 152 × 208 cm)


New painting at group exhibition in Malmö Gallery.
Exhibition / Molekyl Gallery / October 2019

Untitled oil on canvas

Both sides (now)

Master of Fine Arts exhibition
Exhibition / Malmö / June 2017

Silo 4


Paintings in otherwise empty appartement. Co-artist: Andreas Franzén.
Exhibition / Galleri Silo, Malmö / August 2019

In the studio: Red face


Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition
Exhibition / Oslo / 2015


Göteborgs Konstförening

Four room exhibition at Gothenburg Art Society
Exhibition / Göteborg / 2015

Hunt, clubs, painting

The band Hunt from Gothenburg toured Germany. Selma went along, took photos and painted.
Painting and photo project / Germany / 2013



Scholarship exhibition in northern Bohuslän.
Exhibition / Gerlesborg / 2011